(svericl) research inc.

About SVERICL Research Inc.

SVERICL Research Inc. (pronounced "spherical") was established in 2022 to provide services and to research and develop innovative tools for the EDA industry.

We are based in Ottawa, Canada.

The Team

Today, it's a team of just one!

J. Gareth Williams CTO

Gareth learned to program in BASIC on an Osborne 1 in 1983 -- on a ship, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

He has worked on a rather deep stack of technologies -- from full-custom CMOS layout as a coop student in Mississippi, to FPGA and board design as a junior engineer, to ASIC verification in product development and consulting roles for many years. More recently, he applied that experience to building EDA tools as web services, such as a waveform viewer, and deploying them on cloud computing platforms.

So he can do lots of stuff.

But you probably shouldn't let him design your website.